The Lasting Impact of Junior Charity League, Inc. in Monroe, Louisiana

Junior Charity League, Inc. (JCL) has been making a difference in the Monroe, Louisiana community for over a century. Founded in the early 1900s, JCL has been providing distinctive services to the area ever since. From donating to the Mayor's Visual Arts Committee and the Northeast Louisiana Children with Learning Disabilities Association Conference to helping the Monroe Police Department acquire 12 trauma kits and the Cooley School establish a Girl Scout troop, JCL has been instrumental in improving the lives of many. The Monroe Fire Department has also seen great success due to JCL's efforts.

What was once a small group of disorganized neighbors has now become one of the best-organized firefighting organizations in the country, equipped with modern and efficient equipment. JCL's impact can also be seen in the work of CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates). This year, CASA saw a 260% increase in the number of children served due to JCL's initiatives, such as organizing the first annual CASA party in a barn, hiring an executive director, opening a separate office and coordinating a spring symposium. In addition to these accomplishments, JCL has also been recognized for its volunteer service. In April 1994, JCL was awarded for its excellent volunteer service for an organization in the Ouachita parish community.

The early years were difficult due to the times, but with fundraisers such as benefit dances at the country club and style shows, enough money was raised to establish and operate the first major project: Baby Clinic for disadvantaged babies and very young children. JCL has also been involved with other organizations such as Department of Children and Family Services and Monroe Youth League. Through these collaborations, 197 families have been helped, 73% of which were single women and children in situations of immediate crisis. JCL also participated in AJLI's “Don't Wait to Vaccinate” campaign to increase public awareness of the need to vaccinate children against childhood diseases. For over a century, Junior Charity League, Inc. has been making a positive impact on Monroe, Louisiana through its various initiatives and collaborations.

From providing essential services to those in need to raising awareness about important issues such as childhood vaccinations, JCL continues to be an invaluable asset to its community. The work of Junior Charity League, Inc. is an example of how one organization can make a lasting impact on its community. Through their dedication and commitment to helping those in need, JCL has made Monroe a better place for all.

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