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Nov. 28, 2005


Dear Friend:

 “What can I do to help?” are words spoken by a teenage boy as he enters the art room of the Boys & Girls Clubs of West Monroe.  Jerry is a 13-year-old youth who comes to the Club during summer and holiday vacations.

Jerry spends his time between his father and mother as part of a divorce custody order. Two years ago Jerry was brought to the club for a safe place to spend his free time from school.

Being a large, self-conscious, outspoken youth Jerry did not fit in with his peers, leaving him unhappy. Very few activities interested him.

Art was the activity that held his interest. Building upon this interest it was found that Jerry had much to offer. Not only did he have drawing and painting ability but worked well helping younger children.

Jerry’s patience with young children gives him confidence and fulfillment. He uses this ability to help share art activities with others making him a real helping hand at the Club. Not only does he help in the art program, Jerry now helps out in the game room.

Jerry, on occasion, will ask his father to bring him to the Club to visit and remind the staff he is looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas school holidays spent at the Club.

With the many situations of today’s youth the BGCWM staff strives to find individual differences and interest to help each youth find fulfillment and self-worth.

Working as a team with parents, school officials and the Boys & Girls Club, Jerry is able to accomplish some goals he otherwise may not have had prior to becoming a Club member.

Since March, 1962, the Boys & Girls Clubs of West Monroe have provided a safe, nurturing environment for our children in western Ouachita Parish. Without the Club, youth like Jerry would have no place to turn to give him hope. Today’s youth face greater challenges than ever before. Crime, drugs and delinquency are just some of the pitfalls our youth face. The Boys & Girls Clubs are a haven for kids like Jerry.

The club literally saves lives.

This holiday season please give generously to help us continue our vital work. No investment is too great to ensure the future of our children.  After all, it is our future. Will you please find it in your heart to help save another child?



For the kids,



Tom Morris, Executive Director

Boys & Girls Clubs of West Monroe.


P.S. I have already written my $100 check.  So can you!  I would love to have an opportunity to speak with you about making an investment in our children through the Boys & Girls Clubs of West Monroe. Our children need the Club now more than ever. Help Donna, Collins, Mrs. May, Ken, William, Chris, and the other role models on staff save more kids’ lives. Thousands of area youth will have a brighter future because of you. Thank you for your generous support of Boys & Girls Clubs of West Monroe.


Your gift is 100 percent tax deductible.


TIN 72-0550496

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